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I mentioned music before; playing, listening and sharing. It’s really important to me and I know it will be to a lot of you. I remember the Monday crowd dancing on stage to that daft crab rave tune, even got the video somewhere.

Anyway, Ruth shared this with me and it looks really good. It is focused on those interested in music and a career in music but I think there is something in it for everyone.

ACE CIC is doing some really interesting work with creative activities. Check out their website for some really interesting activities.

There is a link to their instagram in there, but I’ve copied it below.

And they have worked with Akala, who I’ve been really impressed with on many debating shows. He is a genuine talent, a thoughtful and reflective man who listens as much as he speaks. Here he is talking about his musical practice.

He loves books and reading and here he is talking about immigration, something that he is often asked to talk about as he has a great interest and grounding in this area.

Oh, ok then here’s the crab rave…

The music sounds a bit strange on the clip, but the moves are good! You can always add your own soundtrack.

I started thinking of memorable music videos, where the video is possibly better than the music!). So, here is a clip of one of the first examples of crazy rehearsed videos. IT IS 11 YEARS OLD. How old were you when it was made?

I’m not that keen on the music, but the video is remarkable as it was all done on ONE TAKE! The quality is not that great because HD is quite a new thing!

Check out more of their videos, they kept going, making more elaborate ones. I remember a good one with a dog.

This a classic, made with claymation, pixelation and stop motion animation. Everyone loved the chicken bit! Oh, and just in case you were wondering it was made in….. 1986!!!!! 34 years ago. I feel very very old. I was 15 when this came out.

And now onto 1999. This was in a Levi’s advert at the time. So simple, silly and brilliant. Music that annoyed your parents. I remember working in a school at the time and also being (a very bad) DJ at at year 8 disco and playing this the week it came out. The kids went crazy!

Well, I’ve had far too much fun watching those videos. Can you add any? What are your favourites? I’m off for a lie down.

See you soon,

Simon and Sadie!

Oh almost forgot! Monkey Madness from Basement Jaxx from back in 2001!

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Food Club support worker and Lead Youth Worker at Bedminster Youth Club.

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