Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

More of this later!

Hello again BS3 . Well, that week was a bit different. I hope that the extra time allowed out of the house to exercise has helped ease the pain of being stuck in the house. I haven’t changed my habits that much. I’m still working on the Food Club project during the week (click my icon to see the big blog story), but at the weekends I’ve made the decision to stay local. To me, it seems unfair to drive a long way just to walk, especially as we’ve got such lovely scenery where we live.

Let’s get straight into it. Crafts and creativity can be a really helpful way to stay healthy and happy.

How to make a bracelet out of a yoghurt pot! With Lisa from Young Bristol. I mentioned Young Bristol last week and they are doing some brilliant work. Check out their website for all their amazing activity ideas.

Playing instruments, singing and making music can be really good for your wellbeing. How about these

It’s called a Txalaparta and it comes from the Basque Country in Spain!
Playable Shirts!

This is Kalya Painter, and this clip is nearly 5 years old. She is an electronic musician from BRISTOL. See how many places you can recognise in the video and wonder aloud if this could be the future of social distancing!

For our MONDAY night crowd there’s a great little activity you can do this week, that will help pass the time and hopefully bring a smile to people’s faces.

Image for post
Image for post
Take the challnge. Send us some pics!

And for our TUESDAY team the Bitesize site has some fabulous ideas

Including dealing with coronavirus worries, triggers and the excellent Jesy Nelson documentary about cyger bullying.

Laughter and sharing is a great way to stay healthy. I laughed my head off nd kicked it down the street when I saw this, this week. The legend that is Pam Doove!!!

Now, the character of Pam Doove is from a very strange and hilarious programme called the League of Gentlemen. Many of the clips are very rude and couldn’t possibly be shown on here. However, Pam’s appearance was just plain daft. SO here she is…

The way that Jedd Hunter says ‘kewl’ is horribly funny.

Come on! At least it’s not scary digestive systems. And if you like Matt Lucas, (the baked potato man) this is his finest moment in my opnion.

Sometimes you are laughing so much, you can’t even say one simple word. I hope you have a lovely week of smiling, talking and laughing. Stay healthy and safe,

Best wishes,

Simon and Sadie

Food Club support worker and Lead Youth Worker at Bedminster Youth Club.

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