Hello everyone, hope you’re hanging in there. It was a lovely sunny week, it would be good to know what you’ve been up to, both in the home and outside on your daily exercise.

If you haven’t found enough stuff to do then I recommend Young Bristol’s Boredom Busters. Scroll down for videos of arts and active things to do


It’s time for the 2.6 challenge. You will probably have seen lots of people doing weird and wonderful things over the last few days. NOW IT’S YOUR TURN.

Get creative and think of something you can do to help all the charities that will not be able to get donations through normal fundraising. And this includes BS3 Community!

Think of something that involves 2.6 / 26 / 260 / 26000!

Here is our fundraising page, remember BS3 Community do lots of different things across BS3, (apart from the Bedminster Youth Club). They also support Early Years and older people in our community.

Here is Inspiration part of the website if you need ideas.

Here is Ruth explaining all the amazing things BS3 Community is doing.

I bet you didn’t know how much of Bedminster and the surrounding area we are connected to!

We are all part of a bigger community and supporting it now seems like a really important thing to do.

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I have needed a friend to carry out the 2.6 challenge, to show me how it’s done. Here’s my mate Grill, I asked him to help me think of something to do for the 2.6 Challenge. This is what happened…..

Don’t be like Grill, think of something active and energetic to do and see how much money you can raise for BS3 Community. Click on the link above!

I’ve mentioned that I have been working full time on the Food Club project, creating surplus food distribution hubs across the city, I met the mayor Marvin Rees this week and we will also be on Points West later this week.

I am still going to do the 2.6 challenge at my new favourite place…

The very quiet Metrobus lane!

I’ve been walking over the back of Ashton Vale, there’s a lovely wide path (OK, it’s the Metrobus lane!) that zooms around south Bristol and raises you up above the fields. Plenty of opportunity for spotting wildlife and birds in particular. Having said that, the rabbits were very lively when I walked there on Saturday.

It’s also a brilliant place for cycling, so if your daily exercise involves a bike, get on down there. You will find the path opposite Wickes, underneath the twisty bus flyover.

Cycle it, walk it, run it. Measure it to make sure you cover 2.6 miles!

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Entrance to the path is by the railway crossing barriers on the left.
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Looking back down the path towards Ashton Vale (the Park and Ride is behind you).

Right, your turn — be sure to share what you’ve been up to. (If you are old enough then post something on BS3 Community facebook).

And by the way…the onion bhaji videos have finally uploaded — I’ll share them with you next week!

See you in May,

Simon and Sadie.

Written by

Food Club support worker and Lead Youth Worker at Bedminster Youth Club.

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