Hello again, welcome to week 3 of VBYC (virtual Bedminster Youth Club).

I’d like to start this week with a quick survey so we can make some plans for the coming weeks. You can click more than one option!

Hope everyone is doing well, we’re still here and still talking YOUTH CLUB. So LET US KNOW HOW YOU ARE in the comments below. Please!

Our friends over at Young Bristol have some great resources for young people, well worth checking out. http://youngbristol.com/

Shall we try something silly?

Peggy is back! Try a game at home.

Equipment needed : A Peg or similar.

Rules — All family members must know the rules. As the pegger, you must peg someone else without getting caught (by anyone, not just the pegee). If you do get caught you have to try again later. If you find the peg on your clothes, you have 24 hours to repeg on someone else without getting caught. And remember….the first rule of Peggy is….YOU NEVER TALK ABOUT PEGGY! Challenge yourself to carry out extreme pegging without getting caught (WGC). Film yourself pegging someone WGC and share it here.

I have seen some lovely things around BS3 this week, as people continue to help each other out and learn a completely new way of doing things. Remember, to change your lifestyle so quickly and with so many new things that you have to do, is very difficult. Don’t feel like you have to learn some incredible new skill, like every celeb seems to be doing. Don’t feel like you have to create an entire “under the sea/pirate ship/space station” theatre set every week/day/minute. It’s ok to do none of that. It’s ok to be scared.

I’m out most days with work, and sometimes I’m really scared. Some days are better than others, but walking around thinking you might be passing something on to someone else is worrying, so we are all going to be a bit scared at some point. Talking helps and I know that most of you are very, very good at that.

I can see how many people look at/ read this blog and the numbers were high in the first week (over 100!), but less so last week. So, my question to you is…What is the best way to communicate with you, apart from this? We have look at Zoom, Houseparty, Google Hangouts/Classrooms, Whatsapp, Instagram, TickTock but we’re not sure which is best. Here is a quick poll, please click on your preferred method of communication, or feel free to add another.

To finish, here are some Chatterpack resources. Have a look, see if there’s anything you can use and let us know what you get up to!

Hang in there, we still miss BYC and the brilliant noise you made, we are starting to imagine what our first week back will look like, but know there is a long way to go yet.

Best wishes, Simon and Sadie.

Written by

Food Club support worker and Lead Youth Worker at Bedminster Youth Club.

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