Virtual BYC — Week 19

Hello again. Week 19. That’s a long time.

19 x 7 =133 days.

3192 Hours.

191,520 minutes.

11,491,200 seconds

That’s a long time to wait for your next Youth Club night.

Last week we were able to reactivate the United Reformed Church, as on Friday we opened the new FOOD Club in BS3. And what an exciting day it was. Training up new volunteers, unloading food and packaging it up ready for our new members.

Here is a picture of all the boxes before the club opened.

Image for post
Image for post

Stacks of fresh veggies (even artichokes) bread, flour, a couple of tins. On top of this you got yoghurts, a couple of egg sandwiches, some chilled fruit juice and a choice of Home cooked pasta bake, sausages or Pieminister Pies.

All that for £3.50!!! Amazing. The Food Club programme can save a community around £30,000 in food costs, over a whole year. If you know someone who would benefit please get them to email me at and I can book them a timeslot.

Bloooons. Did you catch the mass launch this morning? It looked spectacular.

This is the view from Ruth’s house this morning. Amazing isn’t it?

Image for post
Image for post

This was filmed this morning. Amazing.

We are lucky here in South Bristol, we see these things every year, but this time it does feel a bit different. They were unable to promote the launch as it may have attracted crowds, so it became a bit of a secret. Having said that, I have a reliable source that says you may want to get up early on Thursday if you want to catch something even more spectacular.

It might be something a bit like this…..

And it may or may not involve someone who has connections to the Bedminster Youth Club. I couldn’t possibly say. But I can’t wait.

There is something about flying in a hot air balloon that seems equal parts terrifying and exhilarating. One day maybe, but not his week/year.

Bristol may be famous for the Balloon Fiesta but Albuquerque is pretty spectacular as well. Check out this National Geographic video of the festival there, it’s on another level!

Food and balloons, what a combination.

see you next time,

Simon and Sadie.

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