Hello BS3. Hope you are enjoying this rather unusual summer holiday. It felt very strange writing about the last day of term in last weeks post. For some of you, I guess that this week will not feel that different to last week.

This week, I’m going to celebrate the summer holidays by writing about school!

I did see some pictures of some young people on their last day of year 6, next to a picture of their first day of year 1. So many changes, so much growth, so many hairstyles.

I forgot to mention a fantastic programme that I saw on channel 4 the other week. It’s still available on ALL 4, and was called The School That Tried to End Racism.

It’s quite difficult to watch sometimes, as the young people are affected in many different ways and find it hard to come to terms with some of the issues. But the characters are really interesting and it does help to introduce some of the challenges of dealing with racism and discrimination in schools and the wider society.

One of the key aims of the Black Lives Matter campaign is for people to “Educate themselves”. OK it’s only a tv programme but it could lead you an interesting journey.

It also reminded me of another fascinating programme about schools that was on last year called The Great British School Swap. Bad title, interesting programme.

Imagine swapping schools in Bristol? Back in 2007 there was another documentary called How the other half learn on channel 5. It followed some students from Preston Manor school in NW London, who swapped schools with Wells Cathedral School, where it is £28,000 per year. There were some surprising similarities, I remember some the Wells students being shocked by the knowledge of History of one of the London students and the work ethic of some of the boys.

Enough of schools! Last week I mentioned some exciting developments about our home, the United Reformed Church. We have a meeting this morning, to catch up with all of the developments and I will hopefully be able to tell you some more. I should also be able to let you know about the gardening and landscaping that has been happening. Maybe it will look like some of these?!

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If you want to discover Bristol’s edible gardens you don’t need to look that far. Incredible Edible look after a little garden down at Wapping Wharf. It’s outside the Better Food Company. Head down and help yourself to free food!

They also have some enormous raised beds in Millennium Squ

are on the far side. I have picked beans, potatoes and salad leaves from there in previous years. People look at you a bit funny for climbing on the beds but THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE MEANT TO DO!

I joined a couple of their working groups and helped to plant some cabbages last year, so you may end up eating one of mine!

If you want to find out more about them then check out their website here

Have a lovely sunny week. See you next week with all the updates!
Best wishes,

Sadie and Simon.

Written by

Food Club support worker and Lead Youth Worker at Bedminster Youth Club.

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