Wow. That’s almost 4 months. Incredible.

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But only for some of you!

I caught an interview with Frank Cottrel-Boyce on the radio, which mentioned his fantastic creative writing workshops on Instagram. You may have heard of him or even read some of his books. I wish I was the Astounding Broccoli boy. I love broccoli.

Anyway the last lesson contains a lot about what it is like being a YEAR 6 pupil, gearing up for the summer.

It also contains a lovely reading from The Unforgotten Coat. I couldn’t find it online anywhere so I had to listen and write and then type, but it is worth it. He manages to explain exactly what those last days of the last term leading up to the last summer are like. Forgive my mistakes, but this is the gist of it.

“Doesn’t everyone remember everything about the last summer in Primary…the sports day…the promise to stay friends forever even though you were going to different schools…signing names on everyone else’s shirts….that feeling that, day by day, inch by inch, a door was opening and sunshine was pouring in. And any day now you would be allowed out through that door, laughing and yelling so loud that you would not notice when that door closed behind you, forever.”

with apologies for inaccuracies.

Amazing, how in such a short paragraph, he has managed to sum up that feeling that some of you will have already had and that others may be about to experience. But in such strange circumstances. It seems unfair on all the current year 6s. Those things in the quote above may not all apply, or if they do, they will be done differently.

On the radio Frank spoke of the idea that, although really scary, we were living through such important times and that we should try our best to embrace this. To use creative writing to record how we felt, what we did.

One of his challenges was to go into the future, to imagine that you were a grandparent and to write to your grandchildren about your experiences of 2020, the coronavirus, lockdown, everything.

Then, how you as young people could write to your older relatives, how happy they would be to receive something so personal, so ‘old-fashioned’ in an era of instant communication. Go on, give it a go. Get down the Post Office. Buy a stamp, probably some envelopes and some old fashioned writing paper.

This past month of June has been dedicated to uplifting and honouring the LGBTQ+ experience, here is a link to some wonderful films that should provide plenty of entertainment and inspiration.

They are separated into appropriate age groups and represent a wonderfully diverse set of movies. Have a look around.

Some exciting news is on the way about the United Reformed Church and a project that we have been working on for a number of weeks to get some community activity back into BS3. It involves my favourite thing, food and hopefully will inspire some of our Youth Club members to get involved.

I can’t say too much yet, but be sure that we will be shouting loudly when we can and it will be wonderful to bring some life back to our little home on West Street.

Take care all,

Simon and Sadie.

Written by

Food Club support worker and Lead Youth Worker at Bedminster Youth Club.

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