Virtual BYC — Week 15

Hello young people of BS3. What a difference a haircut makes.

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I have definitely seen a few of you out and about as I’ve driven through BS3 and beyond this week. I even saw Jimmy getting his haircut the other day. There must be a mountain of hair out the back of every barber in BS3, and boy are there a lot of barbers in BS3. Anyone know why there are so many?

Anyway as some of the things we were used to doing start becoming available again, it seems to be haircuts are a sound reminder of the way things used to be. I managed one today at the fantastic BHK on East St, I know that Alex (Tuesday member, Monday volunteer) goes there. Those guys work really hard at the best of times. I’ve chatted to the manager and he regularly does 6 day weeks, just to make ends meet. Very good quality haircut from Kurdish barbers who came over here a few years ago and have had to graft really hard to make a living. They use the same techniques as Turkish barbers, including use of a cutthroat razor and then they set your ears on fire. Yes. They set your ears on fire. Obviously, when you’re a bit older, and hairier. They set your ears on fire. This is a strange technique to burn ear hair (nice), and it’s quite effective, if somewhat startling when they offer the service for the first time.

Here is a video of someone else having it done.

So, it’s the strange things that make things seem “normal”, whatever that is.

You all know that I’ve enjoyed the quitere aspects of lockdown, the fewer cars and the lack of planes overhead. These things are also changing, the traffic is a lot busier and there have been more flights from Bristol airport in the last couple of weeks. Some of you might be heading away in the summer and it seems like that will be possible with the relaxing of quarantine on return from the UK. In spite of the dreadful environmental impact of planes, there are some absolutely remarkable aspects to flying, the engineering being just one of them.

I urge you to check out the following website that Debs passed on to me.

This is what it involves :

A practical, interactive project for 8 to 14 year olds

For groups in schools or home learners

Build and fly a stunt plane that is similar to those used in lectures for recruits at NASA

A unique way of engaging with aerospace engineers and understanding aerodynamics

The project is supported by aerospace engineers who are using the same stunt plane that we send out to schools, families and learners

Prizes for the best responses

This is a great little video that shows a really diverse range of engineers talking about their jobs and about the challenge.

I know we’ve had some funny evening involving paper planes, so this is a chance to go to the next level.

And, as usual, it wouldn’t be a normal week if I didn’t finish with a silly video or two.

Here’s a giant paper aeroplane. It’s really big. You need to get to 7 minutes or so to see it happen.

And a mass launch, in fact it was the biggest in the UK at Camp Bestival in 2013.

See you soon,

Simon and Sadie.

Written by

Food Club support worker and Lead Youth Worker at Bedminster Youth Club.

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