Hello BS3 young people. Hope you are well and have stayed safe in the intensely hot weather last week. Wednesday and Thursday were particularly boiling.

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Bora Bora — but where’s the Tesco Express?
Benidorm. Joy or heartache?

It made me think about holidays. I used to be a teacher and got used to very regular holidays. I appreciated this luxury as I know the legal requirement in the UK is just 28 days per year.

Some people have said that being locked down was like a holiday in your own home. I think that’s a bit unfair. All of things we associate with holidays like freedom to do as we like, beaches, pools, walks, tourist activities etc… have not been possible. Now people are talking about opening things up and “air corridors” which all sounds very futuristic and perhaps even a bit scary.

Holidays are a luxury, not everyone can afford to take them. However, I have always loved to travel and the internet can provide some amazing opportunities for virtual tourism. OK, so it’s not going to be the same as actually going there, BUT you may discover some places to visit when you get the chance. The beauty of online research is that you can save all the places you find, create lists, make itineraries, plan for a tour with your friends.

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Colourful Communities

I’d forgotten how great google earth is. Just suppress your desire to look at your own house first, and head on a free tour of some of the most fascinating parts of the planet.

If you haven’t tried the VOYAGER part of it, then give it a go. The COLOURFUL COMMUNITIES and SUPER SURF SPOTS sections are amazing.

earth.google.com › web

You can even click the I’M FEELING LUCKY dice icon on the left and head somewhere completely at random. The best thing for me is that you can make your own maps and tours. Here is a quick guide, but there are loads out there.

And here is a great tour of the Grand Canyon.

And this Hyperlapse around the world.

With plane travel attracting a lot of criticism because of the negative effect on the environment, I would highly recommend rail travel and in particular Interrail. What a great way to see loads of places, for a good price and at a lower environmental cost.

There are loads of options, including Interrail Passes, which offer different amounts of travel per month. For example any 4 days of travel in a month would cost you just 185 euros. You’ll be pleased to know that Brexit will not affect your pass.

There’s a great section on planning your trip, including actual train times, so you could even decide where and when you are going from your own home!

Coronavirus has affected us in lots of different ways, some people are understandably very nervous about leaving the country and many more people than usual will be staying in the UK this summer. Check out Visit Britain for the official guide to the UK.

It’s amazing how many things there are to see and do on our islands. OK, so the weather might not be as good as some places but there are even some fantastic day trips you could go on from BS3. Happy travels,

Take care,

Simon and Sadie.

Oh, and if you like this kind of thing….


Written by

Food Club support worker and Lead Youth Worker at Bedminster Youth Club.

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