Blacklivesmatter. Marcus Rashford. Wild URC.

Hello again. It seems like so much is happening from week to week. Blacklivesmatter is still in the headlines; BYC and BS3 Community will continue to support this vital campaign.

I wrote the majority of last week’s blog before the removal of the statue in the centre of Bristol became headline news around the world. Incredible times to be living in. I also came across two fantastic video clips, that I’d like to share as a follow up. I watched Blue Peter as a young boy, and like some of you I grew out of it, but this is such a brilliant, clear explanation.

The same with Newsround. CBBC is doing some great work at the moment. This is an explanation of how some young people in the USA are feeling at the moment. I can’t imagine what that feels like.

In other good news, regardless of which football team you support or if you couldn’t are less about football, the impact that Marcus Rashford is having is incredible. Check out his interview on BBC Breakfast today, what a fantastic role model and a reminder not to stereotype modern young footballers as flashing the cash on ridiculous purchases. Here is a man who has lived through difficult times and is giving something back!

He has made personal donations and support to FARESHARE, which will help to feed over 3 MILLION young people in June and has written a letter to MPs to try to get free school meals extended into the summer.

Wonderful stuff. I hope the politicians listen to him.

On Wednesday this week I met with Ruth and we went to the United Reformed Church on West Street, home of the newest little youth club in Bristol. Look at what we found?!

It was exciting to see how much had grown, how nature had started to take over the outside space, how LONG the grass had grown.

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Rewilding the BYC

The right hand picture above shows some wild fennel which has shot up in our back garden. An interesting little indicator of the possibilities of growing edible plants in our outdoor space.

Anyway, we were there to talk about ideas about how to clean up and reorganise the outdoor area — and we’d love to know what you think. That’s Mo in the middle picture, he’s the man that will be doing all the work. The sort of man that you know knows everything. The sort of man who doesn’t bother with a tape measure, he just strides around and keeps the numbers in his head. The sort of man who doesn’t care who is watching/staring when he uses the same measuring technique out on West Street, while he calculates the length of the outside wall. We like Mo. Mo is old school.

OK, so ideas for the space, designs, colours, activities, arrangements. Post them in the replies in Facebook or here on Medium.

On wednesday it suddenly began to feel real. After weeks of sadness, of missing being at BYC, we were able to imagine what a return to West Street would be like, how we would have to do things differently. Today, as the shops reopen and things begin to get back to a little bit of normal, if you need to, I hope you take the chance to reset, to try a different way of doing things. It will certainly be a very different BYC that you return to, but we’ve had a glimpse and it’s hard not to start to get excited!

Best wishes,

Simon and Sadie.

Written by

Food Club support worker and Lead Youth Worker at Bedminster Youth Club.

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