Virtual Bristol for the virtual BYC

Hello BS3 and beyond,

Hope you are enjoying the weather. Amazing that we are having temperatures in the high 20s at this time. Make the most of it, in a blink of an eye the clocks will have changed and it’ll be freezing. Sorry, I know that’s a depressing thought.

On Saturday I joined in with the Bristol Open Doors project. Over the last few years I’ve tried to join in with this exciting weekend as you get to see behind the scenes in some really interesting buildings and spaces. Here’s the link.

This year things were obviously different and self-guided tours were put in place. This involved downloading an app which had a map on that you followed. When you walked into a particular zone it triggered the audio — a bit like an outdoor museum guide. I went on the Hidden Harbour tour and it was brilliant.

There are also Vibrant Bristol and Historic Bristol. It was great being a tourist in your own city and I learnt so many different things about Bristol, from medieval trickery through to the recent Colston statue events.

The plaque on the left was put up in 1997 and is the only publicly visible memorial to Bristol’s role in the slave trade.

This plaque represents a much older series of events in the 16th century.

Here is the link for the android app

ANd there are some great pictures on their twitter feed

If you’ve got an iphone then search Hidden Bristol. Highly recommended.

Over in the USA at the moment you may have seen the wildfires. This link will show you drone footage of the destruction and devastation in Oregon. Quite incredible.

How is the Rule of 6 going to affect you and your family? How do you feel abouts school now you have settled in a little?

It’s that time of the term where you start to get used to the timetable and your new routines. You’ve probably met most of your teachers and are clear of the expectations of you in terms of behaviour and work. School can be difficult for many people. There is always so much to remember and so much to do, so many choices you can make, so many decisions that can affect your future. That can be stressful. Try to find someone to talk to if you are feeling scared, uncertain, anxious or even just unsure. Your friends will be experiencing similar things, your brothers, sisters, relatives will have lived through similar feelings and are usually well placed to be able to offer advice. Your teachers may seem busy and stressed, but are in a great position to offer some of the best bits of advice to support you. It is part of their role and it’s usually one that they are very good at. Alternatively this is a useful starting point from Central Government, for approved support for all kinds of issues.

Bristol City Council also shares a list of agencies that can help.

Enjoy the sun and the opportunity to breathe in fresh air — there are still a few less cars on our roads, and hopefully that will remain.

Catch you next week,


Written by

Food Club support worker and Lead Youth Worker at Bedminster Youth Club.

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