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Hello once again and welcome to the next installment of the neverending blog!

I hope you are enjoying your first few days back in school and that it isn’t too scary. Most young people I have spoken to, seem to be really enjoying being back around friends. Some of them are even enjoying the learning!

Incredible I know.

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It seems that there has been lots of government advice on school and the coronavirus, but not as much on Youth Clubs. If you think about the bubbles you are supposed to be in at school, They are based around year groups, so I’m sure you can imagine how that would impact in a Youth Club where the young people not only come from different bubbles but also from different schools. It starts to get a little difficult to manage. As the garden is still being finished, we’re obviously still not ready to reopen, but be certain that we will be SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOPS when we get that final green light and the doors to the URC are flung open and you will be welcomed back in to our little West Street den.

What are your school lunches like? (Really that should be “dinners” but I didn’t want to confuse you. When I was growing up “dinner” was at lunchtime and “Tea” was at dinner time. Quite confusing. If you want to make sense of it, I’m not sure this helps much, but if you like geography, English, sociology and/or maths then it might be of interest.

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I saw a bit of Soccer Aid yesterday. I know, I know, who wants to see a load of self obsessed celebrities running about pretending how important they are, in the name of “charity”. Well here’s ONE reason, the money raised goes to Unicef helping vulnerable children and families cope with some of the effects of coronavirus. Oh and another, your donations get tripled! You give £10 it actual means £30 is being spent on those children and families.

Click the link below to take a look.

As the new football season starts again in the strangest circumstances this weekend, it seems appropriate to think about the joy that football can bring. If you’ve ever been in a real ground and celebrated a real goal, then you are very lucky (it’s expensive!) and also because you have experienced that unconstrained joy of going absolutely wild with friends and family who all feel the same as you. Now, social distancing is pretty impossible when your giant centre forward scores an overhead kick in the 90th minute, and it won’t happen again for a long time, but when it does it is the most incredible feeling. The noise, the contact, the danger.

In 2011, I once fell backwards over some seats celebrating a goal, which at the time I thought would save my team from relegation. It didn’t, but how I enjoyed that celebration, even if I almost ended up in hospital. My foot got trapped in between two seats and I could barely walk, but I wouldn’t change a thing (apart from the final scoreline). The celebration was so wild that Sky or BT Sport used it to launch the next season. That hurt almost as much as my ankle, as we had been relegated, but that’s football. It’s the hope that kills you. Here’s the goal.

I was in the top tier. I nearly fell out.

I know there are a lot of Robins fans at BYC, so here’s a reminder of the good times. Some of the players in the United team!!!

Just in case you missed it, here’s Soccer Aid again.

Find the things in life that make you happy. Look after them, take care of them, make a career out of them, celebrate them. Just don’t fall backwards.


Simon and Sadie

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Food Club support worker and Lead Youth Worker at Bedminster Youth Club.

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