It may be the 11th January but Happy New Year regardless!

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Hello in 2021 to all our Youth Club members. If you didn’t catch it, here are the London fireworks, they were pretty special. Quite different to previous years. See if you can spot any key moments.

When we opened back in November 2019, we had no idea that the first year or so would be so eventful. We had such a busy few months, (sometimes there were 40 of you in the space!) and enjoyed so many fun evenings. On Monday I remember playing a fantastic forfeit game with some of you, and on Tuesday who could forget when we turned Ghostbusters to investigate the noises in the upstairs room? ? ? Very funny and a bit scary.

One day we’ll be back there and will be creating more memories.

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New Years Resolutions — have you set any? I think the last 12 months have been so challenging that just getting through the year would be an achievement! I heard a nutritionist on the radio talking about resolutions and saying how many of them get broken. It’s between 80 and 90 percent depending on your sources. He was suggesting setting some positive achievements instead. Eg. Things that you will do this year, rather than unrealistic life changes that you have do stick to every day. Or as the saying goes “Don’t make resolutions, create habits”.

Making a list of achievable activities that you could do throughout the year seems sensible to me. Maybe things you could do with parents, siblings or hopefully friends in future. Or think of something that can easily become a habit. I have to admit that my dentist told me off — I hadn’t been brushing my teeth properly. A quick lesson and it easily became a habit, and one that I could easily do every single day.

So don’t aim to do Joe Wicks every day if you struggle to get out of bed and exercise better in the afternoons. Especially if you’ve got a whole day of “lessons” to compete.

How is the online learning going? Maybe I should wait until next week for that conversation. In the meantime, hang in there and look out for BYC and BS3 news. Something is sure to be happening in the near ish future. Keep ’em peeled,


Food Club support worker and Lead Youth Worker at Bedminster Youth Club.

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