BYC : The Last Day of the longest holiday

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Having talked about going back to school, I thought it would be nice to share some memories of the last day of the summer holidays. Never again will you experience the contrast of sadness and excitement, to that extent. Enjoy it. It’s such a strange feeling. Your freedoms are about to disappear but you get to see all those faces that you haven’t seen for 6 whole weeks. You may also enjoy learning (!) and miss (certain) teachers, and that is a real excitement, going back to the buzz of finding out knew things, with inspirational people. Schools can be wonderful places.

Isn’t it funny how a normal summer holiday seems like such a short time compared to the 20 odd weeks since many of you were back in school?

There are a few theories about why time seems so much slower when you are younger and faster when you are older. One of them is that (let’s say) 20 weeks is a much larger percentage of your life so far when you are younger. For example, you’re 10. You’ve lived about 520 weeks on the planet (52 x 10). So 20÷520×100=3.8461539462% of your life has been spent in a global pandemic.

If you’re 50, that’s 2600 weeks on this mortal coil. 20÷2600x100=0.7692307692% of your lifetime, spent in a global pandemic.

Or if you’re 1, then it’s 20÷52x100 =38.4615384615% of your life. Wow, over a third of your life spent in a global pandemic. Goodness knows how that will feel when you get older.

Anyway, maths eh? Isn’t it brilliant?

Reminds me of Brilliant Kid off the Fast Show from many years ago. A man dressed as a teenager who just thinks everything is ‘brilliant’ or ‘fantastic’. This clip is very silly and makes me laugh out loud.

I think it’s still very funny. I heard the show came back recently, but I don’t want to think about that. I want to remember the daftness of it the first time around and share that silliness with you. There’s often talk about how negative people are, always criticising. I think there are an equal amount of people who can find the joy in life and celebrate the small things like they were a last minute goal in a Wembley final.

Last week I was at the URC again, helping with our most successful FOOD Club so far — it is building into something really special. 16 local families and individuals came to collect their food, we had Thai curry, mac and cheese, LOADS of courgettes, oat milk, onions and lots lots more. For £3.50 you were getting approximately £20 worth of food this week. A good one.

Anyway, I had the chance to pop into the outdoor area of the Youth Club and to check on the progress of the new social area that is being built.

Mo is the man, using his skills and knowledge, he is crafting a lovely little corner for us. Here is his kit.

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Can you guess what he is making?

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Yes, it’s a seating area, with planters. Looks good doesn’t it?

What colour shall we paint the wood? What shall we grow in the planters?

What would you talk about of you were sitting there with your friends?

Let us know what you think. We are really excited by this development. As activity and life return to the URC, we can imagine it being used by the young people of BS3 again. Activating the space with conversations and laughter. It will happen, we’re just not sure exactly when,

Best wishes,

Simon and Sadie

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Food Club support worker and Lead Youth Worker at Bedminster Youth Club.

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