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Joe Sims, another lockdown and another US president?

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Hello again. What an incredible week. Just when you think things couldn’t get nay stranger, then lots of interesting, scary and fascinating things are going on all around us.

First the good news. You may not know the name Joe Sims, but you’d probably recognise his face. Joe is a proud Bristolian actor (born in Southmead hospital, went to Filton College, studied at the Old Vic) and is probably most famous for his role as Nige Carter the plumber in Broadchurch.

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This is him. What a guy! Joe has done something wonderful for BS3.

He is part of an amazing organisation called 500 Reasons. A brilliant bunch of people who each give £1 per week, gather it together and give £500 to good causes. Guess what? They chose our BS3 FOOD Club, which as you may know takes place every Friday in the United Reformed Church, where our Youth Club used to be. And will be again, one day!

And this generous gift will go to support our members who access affordable fresh and pantry foods to help them with their weekly budgeting. Thank you Joe and friends.

Lockdown 2

How are you feeling about the news? It seems like school will go on, that supermarkets will be open, that your hour of exercise will be preserved, but lots of other things will change. Meetings of families and friends will be postponed, activities and small gatherings will not happen. It might be your birthday and you won’t be celebrating in the usual way. And what of Christmas? What will and won’t you be able to do? How different will it be for you and your family?

It’s going to be difficult no doubt. Much of the thinking is about protecting others and maybe that is some comfort. Your actions will help to slow the spread or even stop it. It will help to protect the most vulnerable, which may include friends or relatives. It will make you part of a bigger effort to begin to get some kind of predictability to our lives. It has to be worth it, however difficult. I hope that you get through the first few days, and the rest will fly by. Handsfacespace etc…

US Elections.

Politics = Boring. You can’t really say that anymore. We’re talking about huge issues that will affect everyone very soon. A leader in another country that will have an impact on what we do in ours. Some of the biggest issues of the last year like Coronavirus, Black Lives Matter, the Climate Crisis are going to be affected by who comes into power. It’s been an incredible and remarkable year and it’s about to get even more incredible and remarkable. Whatever happens, politics is anything but boring.

Just to give you the highlights, here are the latest campaign videos for the two contenders. Which one do you prefer? If you could vote, who would you vote for?

There are thousands of other videos about the presidential candidates that you could choose to watch. Som eof them are very silly. These official ones don’t tell the whole story but will give you a snapshot of what the candidates are about. Look out for the results, they will affect your life in many ways.

Have a great week, don’t think it’s going to be a boring one,


Written by

Food Club support worker and Lead Youth Worker at Bedminster Youth Club.

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