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Counting the weeks!

Good morning, I do hope you are all well. What a complicated and confusing situation we are all in. I hope you are managing to settle in school and that we will soon be letting you settle into the new look BYC.

I keep seeing some familiar faces around BS3, maybe it’s just because we know there are plans to open up the URC for the old BYC in the coming weeks. It’s likely to be an online or telephone booking system, just so we can be sure of numbers. Obviously there will be some very different ways of doing things and it will be important to take our time and learn this new way of being. It won’t be too different to school I imagine, so you are bound to be familiar with some of the procedures.

Silly Game Reviews.

I keep getting targeted adverts for silly games — I guess it’s because I search for Youth Club stuff. I certainly hope so.

Forced “fun” is the worst kind of fun. You know the thing, when you are made to “join in” with something that you don’t really want to join in with; birthday party games, singing at Christmas, youth clubs (;)), anything shouty and join-inny etc…

Here are some possible “fun” things that we might be able to do at Youth Club that hopefully won’t feel forced.

This is PRESSL fast slingpuck game. Looks fast and “fun” and challenging enough.

But I know what you lot are like — would it last more than 5 minutes? How easy it is to fix?

In this clip, the parents take over. As usual. But check out the girl’s excited jumping and how quickly the games turns one way and then the other. I like it. I like it a lot. It’s about £23. Maybe we could make our own?

Pressl FUN FACTOR : 7



TOTAL : 24/30

Ok, what about these?

Mini Drones? ! What could possibly go wrong?

These are retailing around £20 in the UK. Could be good “fun”. I would be worried about battery life and if they might get boring. Like playing keepie uppies with a balloon.

Mini Drone FUN FACTOR : 9



TOTAL : 25/30

Ok, onto the last one, Hover Shot. Target game with floaty balls.

Note sure about this. It seems to have lots of bits that could get lost. Decent level of challenge, but is it a bit “gunny”, if you know what I mean? Maybe we should be promoting something a little more gentle.

Hover Shot FUN FACTOR : 8



TOTAL : 21/30

So for me, the drones just about pinch it, but we’d have to think about turning it into a game and make sure they can be charged easily. How many do we need?

Let us know if you’ve seen any other interesting games around. I’m sure there’s loads out there, it would be good to see some of your ideas!

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for BS3 Community Updates about our return. It’s coming…but so is Christmas! Great idea for next weeks blog.

Take care,


Food Club support worker and Lead Youth Worker at Bedminster Youth Club.

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