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Get your voice heard!

Hello, as plans are developing, I thought it would be nice to change the name of the blog to reflect the fact that we will be reopening.

Like a tense, in-depth conversation between a multi million pound premier league player, their agent and a director of football, the negotiations have reached a critical stage. Announcements will be made on social media, teaser videos released, mysterious tik tok clues will emerge and finally, with an emotional emoji or two, the Youth Club will be back!!!

Just dont ask me when. All in good time.

This week it would be nice to show you how you have your say, get involved with decisions and feel part of something. A sense of belonging.

Here is what some young people in Bristol think belonging means….

This is a great quote explaining why you should get involved, — Written by the Youth Consultation Team for the Belonging Strategy

We know this is another survey, but we are making sure that adults talk to you about and hear what you think and how you feel. It’s important to have your voices heard, especially as this will affect young people, so have your voices heard.

We want to know how you feel about belonging in Bristol, in particular about where you live, your school and in your family. Your feedback will feed into an overall plan that will bring together different pieces of work by the Council. We want to support you to look beyond your community and think about the whole city and feed into the Belonging Strategy for Bristol City Council.

The Belonging Strategy is being written about you, so help us influence it. It will feed into and change youth services in the city.

And here is the quick survey, please complete it! Your opinions matter.

Also, if you would like to join the Unity Youth Forum, then the contact is; Claire Corrigan from Youth and Community Work Team :

Unfortunately I can’t upload Word Docs but if you email the link they will send you an application form.

Unity Youth Forum is a group of young people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds from Bristol. Ages 13–19.

Another way to get involved in activities is to join in with the Storytale festival.

Check out their website here:

What a wonderful way to spend your time! There are loads of onlin events that you can dive into from the 24th — 28th of OCTOBER. Half term — very handy!

Right, that’s plenty to get you involved in. Plus you can start planning what you’ll get up to once we reopen! Exciting times ahead,

Best Wishes,


Written by

Food Club support worker and Lead Youth Worker at Bedminster Youth Club.

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