Children’s Mental Health Week and LGBT History Month

February brings relief. Mostly from January and the really dark days, as the nights have started to get just that little bit longer. I hope that you are able to find some of that relief.

It is also a month of activism. On mental health and on LGBT issues. I would recommend taking some time to find out a bit more about these two very worthwhile week and month long campaigns.

Here is the assembly video, it is pretty self explanatory. EXPRESS YOURSELF is the theme and I think it would be…

It may be the 11th January but Happy New Year regardless!

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Hello in 2021 to all our Youth Club members. If you didn’t catch it, here are the London fireworks, they were pretty special. Quite different to previous years. See if you can spot any key moments.

When we opened back in November 2019, we had no idea that the first year or so would be so eventful. We had such a busy few months, (sometimes there were 40 of you in the space!) and enjoyed so many fun evenings. On Monday I remember playing a fantastic forfeit game…

How’s the (home?) schooling going? Hope it’s not too bad or boring or lonely. Some of you will be going to school, I’m sure. That must still be strange. Hang in there, things are (very) slowly going to get better. In the meantime shall we have a little local history lesson? Stick with it, although it does get dark.

You may have heard Bedminster on the international news. No, it wasn’t for winning the award for the world’s coldest Youth Club (it is still freezing in there).

It is the place in New Jersey where Donald Trump (the former president…

Merry Christmas Everybody!

I can finally say this with conviction as we enter the last few days before the big day on Friday. I would also like to wish you all a very merry one. I really hope you get to enjoy it as much as you can, and in the best circumstances you can. It’s been a horrible year, so let’s hope you are able to end it on a positive note.

Some of you will remember the Christmas quiz that we did last year. It was really good fun and I remember some very competitive battles! And some…

“It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid….”

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Recognise anyone? Thought not. . .

There probably are plenty of reasons to be afraid at the moment, I don’t think I need to explain that.

However, at this time of year I’m most afraid when I hear Band Aid’s “Do they know it’s Christmas?”. Mostly because I’m an annoying particularly picky person. And it because those lyrics tell fibs.

Firstly, some context. A famine had been present in Ethiopia for many months, the cause of human actions and a terrible drought. Around 1.2 million people were to die over the course of the next year or…

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It’s Ok to be…

I’m so glad there is a trend towards allowing people to be what they want to be. There is a long long way to go, but I optimistically think we are heading in the right direction. The idea that you are allowed to be something, and that is OK is not an easy one to grasp. We have freedoms but we also have expectations and those of others, is what is considered ‘normal’. What a daft word that is. Are you normal? I’m certainly not! And I don’t want to be.

However, it’s easy to feel…

Deathtrap Blankets Mousetrap Games

Another wild week in BS3, with swirling wind and rain and cold. Have you put the heating on yet or are you told to put on another jumper?

Here is genuine thing that we used to use to keep ourselves warm in the winter.

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Cosy eh? I mean, this is a luxury US model but they were much the same. I remember having a little dial that poked out the side of the bed that you pushed around to change the level of burning that your legs received.

Parents pulsing pure electricity into the limbs of…

Joe Sims, another lockdown and another US president?

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Hello again. What an incredible week. Just when you think things couldn’t get nay stranger, then lots of interesting, scary and fascinating things are going on all around us.

First the good news. You may not know the name Joe Sims, but you’d probably recognise his face. Joe is a proud Bristolian actor (born in Southmead hospital, went to Filton College, studied at the Old Vic) and is probably most famous for his role as Nige Carter the plumber in Broadchurch.

Lived Experience. Marcus Rashford. MPs.

All opinions contained in this and all other blogs are personal and do not reflect those of BS3 Community.

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Ok, so I’ve been a bit silly in this blog before, but this week I’m feeling more serious. It’s been a difficult week for lots of reasons and reading/watching the news continues to be really upsetting.

So here we go again. It seems like a few days ago I wrote about Marcus Rashford. How he was pushing the government to change their mind about extending Free School Meals into the summer holidays. He succeeded then, because…

“Fun” and games.

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Counting the weeks!

Good morning, I do hope you are all well. What a complicated and confusing situation we are all in. I hope you are managing to settle in school and that we will soon be letting you settle into the new look BYC.

I keep seeing some familiar faces around BS3, maybe it’s just because we know there are plans to open up the URC for the old BYC in the coming weeks. It’s likely to be an online or telephone booking system, just so we can be sure of numbers. Obviously there will be…

Simon Green

Food Club support worker and Lead Youth Worker at Bedminster Youth Club.

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